The One Reason Behind WHY Most Of The People Decided To Buy Solo Ads From Us Every Single Month...

What They Are Getting From It?

I’ve posted here some testimonials of our costumers, after you order please send us your testimonial as well if you want to enjoy future discounted price…

“I ordered 200 click solo ad from Ilan and got great results- 42% opt-in. Ilan is a good guy to work with. I’ll be back soon for more solos from you…”
Elina Pinchasov
“Hi Ilan, thanks for the solo I got 42% opt-ins from 111 clicks you sent and made 2 sales. Thanks! Will do business again.”
Monica Josafat
“Ilan delivered his clicks and delivered in a rapid fashion! Got a bunch of new great leads This was very much appreciated! And to Boot A 33% opt in rate Thank you.”
Jamie Jangula


“Ilan Jones delivered a Great solo with over delivery of clicks and a higher than average Opt-in rate.  Very good quality and I highly recommend him. ”
BIG John Warsaw
“I purchased 100 clicks and received around 115 clicks along with 52 new subscribers, the traffic was very high quality from tier 1 countries, I’ve use his service more than once and I will certainly be using him again. Thanks for a great solo ad ”
Jason Thompson
“I ordered my first 200 clicks from Ilan Jones and received 230, of which I had 120 opt-ins. This was very high quality traffic, very fast delivery and responsive customer support. Needless to say this is extremely exceptional service and I would highly recommend him.”
Aaron Facciolini


“I just wanted to say that I’ve spent 4 figures with Ilan Jones on traffic and his quality and customer support are always top notch, needless to say that I am making sales with his traffic…”
Tomer Algrably &


“Awesome experience from Ilan Jones. Clicks ordered 500 and I received 556. The conversion rate was great at 40% and 100% tier 1 traffic. He also provided really good service. A trusted solo seller!”
Greg Mitchelhill
“Great Experience with ilan Jones & Juvy ow
Clicks Ordered: 200
Clicks Received: 259
Conversion rate: 29%
Sales Revenue: $150+”
Justin Spencer
“Seller: Ilan Jones
Clicks Ordered: 100
Clicks Received: 120
60% optin that were mostly top countries. Great working with.”
James Canzanella
“I’ve been buying solo ads from Ilan quite regularly and I must say, I’m very impressed with the quality of the traffic. I always get 15 – 20% overdelivery clicks. My opt-in rate averaging around 38%. Best thing of all, he always deliver more than 75% tier 1 traffic. Very cool indeed.”
Izrul Fizal
“Seller: Ilan Jones & Juvy Ow
Clicks ordered: 300
Clicks rec’d: 315
Opt-In: 40%
T1: 85%
Comments: This is only the most recent order, this is a great team to work with. They always provide the highest levels of customer support. They always deliver, I highly recommend.”
Mark Molina
“So saying the solo ad went well would be an absolute understatement! On the opt in side I only receved 35% opt in, which is okay since it was a brand new squeeze, but the great part was I got a sale which made me a total of $565!!! $67 of that is going to be monthly. $497 of that was from one of the high ticket upsells on the back end. So like I said, I would say that went very well.”
Branden Pierce
“Seller: Ilan Jones
Clicks Ordered: 300
Clicks Received: 367 (WOW!)
Optin: 43.3%
I think this is one of the best solo I have ever bought !!
I’m really speechless.
Thank you Juvy Ow For the best customer service EVER !”
Shahar Aziz